In Matthew 9, Jesus approached a tax collector named Matthew and invited him to follow. Matthew followed and became one of Jesus 12 apostles. For years, Jesus’ apostles struggled to understand His teachings and who He was. In fact, it appears their belief culminates when they finally see him risen from the dead! After his ascension, the apostles receive the Holy Spirit at Pentecost and finally become who he has called them to be. Belong, Believe, Become.

As a church, we desire to operate as Jesus did. Sometimes people feel as though they have to believe the same things as us and live perfect lives before they can walk into a church. That’s not the case at The Vine. We understand that many of us need a new starting point for faith…a place and opportunity to explore who Jesus is and consider what it means to follow him.

At The Vine, we strive to...



  • Love God – Allow God to be Lord of every aspect of our lives. Live lives devoted to Him pursuing Him in prayer, worship and scripture.
  • Love People – Welcome everyone; share the gospel; see God’s transformation take place.
  • Love People – Reach into our community and every relationship with help and hope.


  • Give Generously of our Time - Active in the life of a missional community, willing to respond when needs arise.
  • Give Generously of our Talents - Serving in meaningful ways in the church and in our community.
  • Give Generously of our Tithe - Tithing and willing to respond when additional needs arise.


  • Following Christ – Head level change. Walking hand in hand with Him through life.
  • Being Changed – Heart level change. Allowing Christ to work in our lives, shaping and molding us by the spirit.
  • Living out his mission – Allowing Christ to use us daily to call people to Him.


{Up- In- Out}

  • Branches or Missional Communities (MCs) are mid-sized groups, most easily understood as an extended family with a chosen mission. Often a few families will choose a park, neighborhood or organization in which to invest missionally. They will build a network of relationships there with the goal of living in relationship with churched and un-churched alike. Missional communities learn to live in Christian rhythms, with an equal focus on the Up (God), In (The Body) and Out (The World Around Us). The network of relationships formed in MCs serve as a perfect environment in which discipleship can take place. As individuals prepare to lead or to start new MCs, focused discipleship huddles will form for a season of equipping.


  • We believe in the Trinity, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • We believe that salvation is a free gift of God, accomplished through Jesus and sealed by the Spirit.
  • We celebrate God's good work with baptism. In baptism, we remember Jesus' death, burial and resurrection and celebrate new life in Him. (Romans 6)
  • We believe that the Bible is God's inspired word. Scripture is vital to the church and guides our lives.
  • We believe the Church to be a primary agent in the mission of God. We seek to come alongside the Spirit in bringing about God's mission of reconciliation in the world.
  • As a church, we strive to create an open and engaging community in which belonging comes first.
  • We operate as an egalitarian church. Living into the Galatians 3 promise (in Christ there is no Jew or Greek, no slave or free, no male or female), we invite men and women to participate equally in the church.