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Meals Together - Summer 2018

As part of our Connect Challenge, we are starting Meals Together for the summer! Meals Together is all about building relationships and getting to know people. Each Meals Together group will share a meal once a month in June, July and August. 

Here's how it works:

  • Sign up below to join Meals Together by June 10th.
  • Then, you will be grouped with 3 to 4 households including singles, couples and/or families.
  • On June 15th, we will email you who you have been grouped with and their contact information. 
  • As a group, you will schedule and plan a meal together each month of the summer. 

The meals can be whatever your group wants! For instance, you can take turns hosting a meal, go out to a restaurant, or BBQ in the park. The sky's the limit. Chat with your group, find a time that works for everyone and plan whatever sounds fun to you. We encourage each group to keep things simple and easy. It's not about putting on a show! Rather, it's all about having great conversation over good food.

To make things easier on groups with families, the church is happy to provide $25 to each family to use toward babysitting for Meals Together over the summer. 

Sign up and join the summer fun! 

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To make things easier on groups with families, the church is happy to provide $25 to each family to use toward babysitting for these meal over the summer. 

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