we are a “JAMES” community

We utilize the acronym JAMES to represent our core values:


Our values form how we interact with people in our church, our neighborhood, and our community as a whole. We believe that we have been loved so deeply by God that the result is a joyful, authentic life! As a people, we want to create modern, engaging gatherings where we can experience safety to show our true selves and be loved and known.


shaping who we are as a people

  • We believe in the Trinity: the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

  • We believe that salvation is a free gift of God, accomplished through Jesus and sealed by the Spirit.

  • We celebrate God's good work with baptism. In baptism, we remember Jesus' death, burial and resurrection and celebrate new life in Him (Romans 6).

  • We believe that the Bible is God's inspired word. scripture is vital to the church and guides our lives.

  • We believe the church to be a primary agent in the mission of God. We seek to come alongside the Spirit in bringing about God's mission of reconciliation in the world.

  • As a church, we strive to create an open and engaging community in which belonging comes first.

  • We operate as an egalitarian church. Living into the Galatians 3 promise (in Christ there is no Jew or Greek, no slave or free, no male or female), we invite men and women to participate equally in the church.